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February 6,2023

Why Study in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of popular tourist destination and the most beautiful countries within Europe. Home to much more than chocolate and cuckoo clocks and more than eight million residents, the country’s world-class universities attract countless prospective students looking for quality higher education. Switzerland is renowned for its high-quality education system...

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February 3,2023

10 great reasons to study in the UK

The UK is home to many world-renowned and prestigious universities in the world, such as Oxford and Cambridge, that offer top-quality education and research opportunities. Beyond the world-class education and high-quality teaching, there more than 370 universities and colleges and higher educational institutions provide a wide range of specialized and...

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January 27,2023

International Student enrollments in the USA are surging: crossing one...

• US foreign enrolment once again exceeds one million students. • Indian students are driving recovery as Chinese numbers decline. In the USA, currently there are 1.08 million international students with active study visas according to new data from the Department of Homeland Security’s Student and Exchange Visitor Information System...

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December 28,2022

How to apply to Study in UAE: the process and...

UAE is home to more than 60 globally ranked foreign and national higher educational institutions and hub of higher education by attracting a larger number of international students from different countries. Apart from national universities, globally ranked higher educational institution of different countries like Australia, France, India, the United Kingdom,...

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December 14,2022

7 benefits of studying higher education in the UAE

Now UAE is hub of higher education by attracting a larger number of international students from different countries. Inbound student mobility to UAE is tremendously growing every year. As UAE is known for its growing commercial hub, multi-cultural atmosphere, safety factors, career opportunities and excellent infrastructure, it’s a strategic location...

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November 25,2022

Admission to universities in the UAE: A Complete Guide

UAE has developed as thriving destination for international students to pursue their higher education, seek knowledge, upskill themselves to be able to take control of their future career path. If you are planning to study higher education in the UAE, admission processes are very easy. If you meet the admission...

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November 25,2022

Higher Education sector of UAE is booming

Higher education in the UAE is growing to the position of best popular destination due to enrolment increasing, being affordable option, liberal student visa regime, thriving employability market and availability of globally ranked foreign universities. In post- covid time, proactive initiatives by both the public and private sectors across the...

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November 24,2022

11 Reasons to study higher education in the UAE

UAE has developed as one of the leading educational hubs and attractive destinations for international students to seek knowledge, upskill themselves to be able to take control of their future career path. The UAE imparts knowledge to more international students by attracting them, compared to the number of students who...

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November 24,2022

Why “Study in UAE”

Higher Education in UAE is overwhelmingly upstanding with thousands of international students enrolling every year. The country has some of the best schools and higher education opportunities in the Middle East, which makes it an ideal destination for students from all over the world. The UAE places immense value on...

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October 31,2022

Germany is growing with record number of international student enrollments

Germany started increasing the number of international students who are enrolling to different higher educational institutions. International students’ enrolment in German higher education institutions grew by 8% in 2021/22 academic year according to the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Approximately 350,000 students have been enrolled to different higher educational institutions...

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