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Higher Education sector of UAE is booming

Higher education in the UAE is growing to the position of best popular destination due to enrolment increasing, being affordable option, liberal student visa regime, thriving employability market and availability of globally ranked foreign universities. In post- covid time, proactive initiatives by both the public and private sectors across the region, policy level interventions of government highly boosted higher education sector.

Now UAE is hub of higher education by attracting a larger number of foreign students from different countries. As UAE is home of more than 60 international universities, six of them has marked good ranking in the overall world rankings for 2023, five are on the rise – led by the United Arab Emirates University and the University of Sharjah, which have both surged this year into the world top 300 list.

Inbound student mobility to UAE is tremendously growing every year. The number of international degree-seeking students in the UAE reported a spike from 48,653 in 2011 to 77,463 in 2016, according to data from The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Comparatively to USA, UK, and Canada; total international student number will be less but its inbound student mobility ratio of 48.6 per cent is easily one of the highest in the world of all other major destinations.

India is the largest country of origin of foreign degree-seeking students in the UAE: The number of Indians enrolled in degree programs in the UAE has increased by 50 per cent since 2011. As per UNESCO, Indians make up 17 per cent (13,370 students in 2016) of all international students. Other countries from the region, such as Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Oman, send over 5,000 students, followed by Pakistan. As Dubai has more than 34 international higher education institutions, 28 % are coming from outside the UAE, i.e one in four students is an international student. UAE is best study destination for students from gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait also Iraq, Egypt, and Syria.

The availability of premium and excellent universities from different countries like Australia, France, India, the United Kingdom, and the United States with affordable fees along with UAE universities, make UAE as popular education hub in the Asia especially Arab region.

Availability of 4th industrial and emerging courses like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Data science, Cyber forensic, Cyber security, Internet of Things, Blockchain, digital transformation in different institutions in the UAE, Barrier- free student visa policies, golden visa opportunity and its thriving employability market are attracting more international students from different parts of the world.

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